Acu-Evac II Surgical Smoke Evacuation System – Unit Tubing

£27.62 (+ Vat)

Advanced, patented, high efficiency filtration system for eliminating surgical smoke plume which may contain hazardous bio-aerosols, live and dead cellular matter (including blood fragments & viruses). Surgical smoke plume can also be carcinogenic, which is another key
reason to invest in the Acu-Evac to protect your patients and staff.

Smoke plume contains live pathogens and is a huge cause of upper respiratory problems in doctors.
The contents of surgical smoke plume may include: toxic chemicals, carbonised blood particles, viral DNA particles and carbon dioxide. All of these contents can cause irritation to the eyes, skin and upper respiratory tract.

Complete system comprises one of each:
Machine, Main Filter, TX Nozzle, Tubing, Footswitch, Mobile stand, Boom arm.
Eliminates unpleasant odours from cautery or electrosurgery. Powerful, portable, very easily stored. The supplied Boom arm allows single operator use with both hands free to perform the surgery.

Acu-Evac II Surgical Smoke Evacuation System – Unit Tubing. Item Code:HCE20-ELS086.3

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