AIM Starter Pack (One Placebo, x5 MDI and x5 DPI)

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For inhaler training on dry powder and metered dose inhalers:The unique Vitalograph AIM is designed to assist medical practitioners in training subjects to use their inhaler correctly.
Mastery of the correct technique will support more accurate drug delivery and good patient compliance, resulting in better
disease management and fewer visits to medical professionals. AIM validates good technique in the use of DPI and MDI inhalers:
The AIM uses a hygienic single-use disposable inhaler simulator to provide clear feedback and information to support correct
technique regarding:
. Inspiratory acceleration at start of inspiration
. Timing of firing of MDI / activation of DPI
. Inspiratory flow rate throughout inspiration
. Inhalation time within target flow range and breath hold time

AIM Starter Pack (One Placebo, x5 MDI and x5 DPI). Item Code:HCE20-HRS705.6

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