BaXstrap Spineboard – Speedblocks Strap and Pad Replacement Set

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As a rescuer you want your spineboard to be comfortable for our patient, as well as being rigid and lightweight to help yourself. Furthermore, you also want to be able to store the board as easily as possible.

The BaXstrap Spineboard provides this and is one of the lightest boards on the market. The contoured design allows the board to nest compactly. This unique feature also offers patients more comfort, making it less likely that they would move around and aggravate their injuries. The product is also completely latex free.

. Five Year Limited Warranty
. No seams make it easy to clean and decontaminate
. Extra large handholds make it easier to pick up
. Withholds greater than 110kg
. Includes strap holes for paediatric patients, eliminating the need to use towels to fill the extra space between patient and strap
. BaXstrap can be used in water, in the mountains, at home or on the road
. Durable moulded-in customised labelling available
. Radiolucent MRI and CT scan compatible

BaXstrap Spineboard – Speedblocks Strap and Pad Replacement Set. Item Code:HCE20-AE278.5

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