HEINE DELTA 20 T Dermatoscope

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The highest quality images and diagnostic flexibility. Offers unrivalled precision optics and the functionality to toggle between polarised and non-polarised illumination. No time consuming exchange of contact plates is necessary.
. Crystal clear, high-resolution images thanks to the high- quality achromatic optical system. The focusing system delivers 10x-16x magnification for a detailed view of even the smallest structures.
. Toggle function for switching between polarised and non- polarised illumination mode. With the press of a button. No exchange of contact plates necessary. The additional diagnostic function allows detection of ‘blink signs’ when viewing crystalline structures and milia.
. Glare-free and reflection-free view thanks to polarisation, even without immersion fluid. For fast and flexible work.
. With just one hand: individual focusing, range of correction approximately -6 to +6 dpt.
. Also capable of digital documentation: using the HEINE digital camera lens system, the dermatoscope can be connected to the SLR cameras of major brands without any issues. Specially developed photo adaptor lenses combine the camera and DELTA 20 T to create an unbeatable pair.

HEINE DELTA 20 T Dermatoscope – DELTA 20 T with contact plate with scale, BETA4 USB recharge handle with USB cord & power supply. Item Code:HCE20-HCD312


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