Heine DELTAone Dermatoscope – Mounting Case for iPhone X for DELTAone

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Small on the outside, big on the inside – this mobile masterpiece is taking medical professionals by storm. The crystal-clear image was accomplished using the new achromatic HEINE optical system.
What’s more, it produces extraordinary colour rendering, due to the quality of our LEDHQ. Examinations are now particularly comfortable due to the polarisation allowing doctors to work glare-free and without disrupting reflections. These three features – clarity, LEDHQ and non-reflective working – are what turn the DELTAone into a vital tool to carry in your pocket wherever you go.
. Field of view of real 21mm (lens 22mm)
. Custom light intensity: 3 degrees of luminous intensity
. 10x magnification
. Switch between polarised and non-polarised light at the touch of a button = toggle function.
. No cross-contamination: autoclavable contact plate with scale
. Maintenance-free due to our dustproof design
. Dioptre compensation
. Rechargeable battery with Li-ion technology: no memory effect; you can safely recharge the battery regardless of its charge state
. Can be used the HEINE DERM app, available for free on the Apple App Store
. Wireless connection via iPhone and WLAN with the HEINE Cube System

Heine DELTAone Dermatoscope – Mounting Case for iPhone X for DELTAone. Item Code:HCE20-HCD321

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