HEINE EN 200-1 Wall Transformer with DELTA 20 T Dermatoscope

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EN 200-1 Wall Transformer
. A number of Heine instrument heads can be combined with the EN 200-1’s handle.
. Meets the current standard IEC 60601-1.
. Built-in theft protection due to the integrated locking screw.
. Excellent energy efficiency:
Instruments turn on and off automatically, when they are removed and replaced, and after 15 minutes of non-usage. When the instrument is taken off, the most recently selected brightness level is enabled. This saves time and power.
. Large operating radius – spiral cord with length up to 3.50m.

DELTA 20 T Dermatoscope
. Toggle function for switching between polarised and non- polarised illumination mode.
. Hi-res images via high-quality achromatic optical system.
. 10 to 16 x magnification is achieved with the focusing system.
. Glare-free and reflection-free view thanks to polarisation, even without immersion fluid.
. Individual focusing, range of correction approx. -6 to +6 dpt.
. Digital documentation: using the HEINE SLR photo adaptor, the DELTA 20 T can be connected to the SLR cameras of major brands without any issues.

Single Unit with one handle – long USB cord and E4-USB power supply, incl. DELTA20T Dermatoscope Head with contact plate 23mm with scale, dermatoscope compendium. Item Code:HCE20-HCD333

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