HEINE K180 Ophthalmoscope in pouch

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. A full-featured instrument at an economical price
. Precision spherical HEINE optics with an ergonomical shape
. Corneal and iris reflexes are eliminated
. XHL Xenon Halogen Technology. Bright, white light
. Clear retinal image
. Range of lenses: 27 lenses from -35 D to +40 D
. Brilliant image even at high corrections
. The instrument fits the orbita comfortably
. Steadies the instrument and protects your glasses
. Choice of 5 apertures
. For both large and small pupils
. Fixation star or cobalt blue filter for corneal examination
. Dust resistant housing that is maintenance-free
. High-impact polycarbonate housing for durability

HEINE K180 Ophthalmoscope in pouch. Item Code:HCE20-HOP1074

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