HENSON 9000 Visual Fields Analyser

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Enhanced visual field screening and analysis for accurate and efficient glaucoma management

The perfect tool for glaucoma screening and management,enabling detection of glaucoma and monitor progression.
Offers sensitive, specific and fast suprathreshold and threshold screening. Standard single stimulus screening tests or the faster,patient-preferred multiple stimulus versions are available,allowing operators to re-test missed stimuli and/or extend
patterns in-test, to rule out false positives with a new level of confidence. It also boasts the ZATA threshold algorithm,
uniquely able to use prior patient data for the highly accurate measurement of defect progression.

. Modern, ergonomic design which is EMR compatible
. SAP white-on-white testing
. Customise single/multiple stimulus suprathreshold screening
. 26, 68 & 136 point suprathreshold patterns (extendable in-test)
. 10-2, 24-2 & 30-2 threshold test patterns (extendable in-test)
. 60° (monocular) / 160° (binocular) testing range
. ZATA threshold test using prior patient data

Efficient glaucoma management
Faster, patient-friendly multiple stimulus tests reduce false positives, with no impact on sensitivity, whilst the ZATA threshold algorithm is uniquely able to build on prior patient data for ongoing glaucoma monitoring, rather than starting from age normative data every time – as other perimeters do.
. Put patients first Customisable screening and threshold testing using prior data
. Enhance efficiency fast tests save valuable time with no impact on sensitivity
. Streamline services ease-of-use enables operability by staff at all levels

HENSON 9000 Visual Fields Analyser. Item Code:HCE20-HLO805

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