Medivital Oxygen Resus Package

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Pressure regulator integrated with valve for gas cylinders.

. 15 year life time ensured by extended endurance and cycle testing for future market requirements
. Slow opening shut off valve with new Patented design
. Flow selector designed for optimal gas flow and patient safety
. Guard design provides maximum protection for the valve
. Suitable for use in Homecare, Emergency and Hospitals
. Easy read Flow Selector and Gauge
. Shut off valve with clear open/closed status colour coded
. Ergonomic guard design allows easy handling of the cylinder
. Compact and lightweight design less than 1150 gr
. Phthalate and Halogenated polymer free components
. For use with Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide and other mixed gases

Highest Safety Testing in accordance with these standards:
. ISO10524-3 / ISO 10297
. ASTM G175 Pill test
. CE marked CE 0434 in accordance with the Medical directive 93/42/EEC and TPED 2010/35 EU

Medivital Oxygen Resus Package – Integrated Cylinder – 200 bar (Cylinder only). Item Code:HCE20-AE1451



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