Riester ri-derma Dermatoscope – 2.5V LED Dermatoscope (Lithium non-rechargeable)

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Today skin cancer is a commonly occurring disease, which can often be diagnosed and treated at an early stage. The ri-derma dermatoscope offers physicians and specialists a reliable method of dermatoscopic screening and early identification of malignant melanomas. Proven epiluminescence microscopy allows melanocytic and non-melanocytic structures to be distinguished and accurately observe changes in skin pigmentation.

. Illumination of the examination field with 2.5V XL illumination and/or 2.5V HL halogen illumination resembles natural light
. 10x magnification of the structure of the skin with focussing, achromatic lens.
. Two different skin-friendly and sterilisable contact plates: with scale from 0-10mm for exact measurement of pigmented skin lesions, without scale
. Bulbs can be quickly replaced at the base of the instrument head d
. Stable casing of black chrome-plated metal, dust-proof Practical eyeglass protection
. Bayonet fitting for quick and secure attachment of the instrument head to the handle

Riester ri-derma Dermatoscope – 2.5V LED Dermatoscope (Lithium non-rechargeable). Item Code:HCE20-HCD009.3

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