SAM 12 Suction Unit

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A high flow, high vacuum suction unit with single collection jar for ward use, general suction and out in the community
. Simple, easy controls:
Gauge graduated in mmHg and kPa – adjustable knobs
. Mains operated only
. Supplied with 1 x 2L autoclavable collection jar
. Support for Liner Systems (Reusable, Serres, Abbot & VacSax)
. Hydrophobic filter to protect the pump from accidental overflow by preventing liquid from passing through
. SAM 12 unit available in mobile version with 2x antistatic castors and high level handle, also comes as a static version
. High flow rate: 30 l/min
. High maximum vacuum: 650mmHg

SAM 12 Suction Unit – SAM 12 – Mobile Version. Item Code:HCE20-AE1325



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