SAM 35 Suction Unit – Disposable Bacterial Filters – 24pk

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A top quality surgical suction unit providing high flow, high vacuum performance. Designed primarily for major operating theatre use and can also be used in lipo-suction procedures. Its reputation for reliability and ease of operation has established it among the most widely used units in the medical world.

. Simple controls – vacuum gauge graduated in mmHg and kPa
. High flow rate 50 l/min, high maximum vacuum 675mmHg
. Supplied with choice of 2x2L or 2x4L jars
. Antistatic castors and convenient push handle
. Hydrophobic filter to protect the pump from accidental overflow by preventing liquid from passing
. Weight: 25kg
. Noise Level: 55 dB

SAM 35 Suction Unit – Disposable Bacterial Filters – 24pk. Item Code:HCE20-AE1324.2