seca 412 Carry Case

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The seca 417’s fold-up mechanism and low weight make it compact and lightweight for easy transport. It is simple to use and, thanks to its smooth surface, easy to clean. Durability and a long service life are guaranteed by high-quality materials. Whilst folded the device becomes very flexible, as a compact, portable device.
. Measurement range: 10-100 cm / 4-40”
. Graduation: 2 mm / 1/8”
. Dimensions, measurement board: approx. 1110 x 115 x 300mm
. Dimensions, folded for transport: approx. 577 x 115 x 300mm
. Device weight: approx. 1.4 kg
. 417 folds to become compact & portable

seca 412 Carry Case. Item Code:HCE20-HSC092

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