seca CT320USB PC Based Interpretive ECG Machine – USB

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. The seca CT320USB acquires the ECG on any desktop computer or laptop within your healthcare network, allowing you to directly transfer the patient’s ECG report into your Electronic Medical Records (EMR).
. Compatible with all leading EMR ‘s including emis and vision. Fully integrates with Systmone.
. seca cardio software automatically exports a pdf ECG file to a destination of your choice – enabling ease of attachment to the EMR or for e-mailing to specialist ECG centres and use in tele-health applications.
. All features and functions are as the seca CT321BT model (Please see above) apart from the power supply which is via a USB connection cable instead.
. Supplied complete with: USB connection cable, patient cable, alligator clips, 300 disposable electrodes, seca cardio software (no licence fees).

seca CT320USB PC Based Interpretive ECG Machine – USB. Item Code:HCE20-HCE352

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