Smartsigns MiniPulse Re-usable SpO2 Sensors – Paediatric finger sensor

£140.00 (+ Vat)

The Professionals’ choice, ideal for both spot checking and continuous monitoring of Adult, Paediatric and Neonatals.
With a choice of two lightweight hand held models, the MiniPulse range has been designed to provide clinicians with fast, reliable, portable measurements in almost any setting.

Feature rich functionality
The simple user interface and one of the largest displays in its class provide easy visualisation of patient status even in the most challenging situations. The large, bright LED display offers exceptional performance allowing the patient’s saturation level, pulse rate and signal quality to be viewed from wide angles.

Battery life, life costs and value for money
Both models are powered by four AA cells and are capable of delivering more than 60 hours of continuous monitoring; this high capacity capability and range of affordable sensors and practical accessories results in a very low cost of ownership.

Smartsigns MiniPulse Re-usable SpO2 Sensors – Paediatric finger sensor. Item Code:HCE20-AE643.6

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