VacuAide 7305 Portable Suction Unit – 5” Tubing Package – 6pk

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A small and lightweight portable aspirator. Primarily used for bronchial / oral hygiene, effective airways clearance. Meets the stringent ISO 10079-1 standards for emergency transport suction. It can be used from its battery, direct power or 12V DC car port.
The 7305 VacuAide suction unit is available with either a disposable 800ml collection bottle or reusable 1200ml bottle for repeated use. Bottles also include an automatic float shut off.

. High performance capabilities with a vacuum range of 80-550 mmHg and a flow range of 0-27 l/min.
. Comes complete with a (60 min battery life) rechargeable battery, 12v DC in car charger, UK mains lead and carry case.
. Has a switch power supply with on AC voltage 100- 240V
. Has an integrated bacterial filter.

VacuAide 7305 Portable Suction Unit – 5” Tubing Package – 6pk. Item Code:HCE20-AE096.19

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