VacuAide 7314 Portable Suction Unit

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Designed to perform effective airways suctioning in a comfortable, safe way. The 7314 is very quiet, when compared to other options. The low noise does not compromise performance.
The internal battery can give up to one hour life. The 7314 and its accessories sit neatly in the carry bag. Built to ISO 10079-1.
. Low noise with great performance
. Easy to operate & easy to clean
. Built to the ISO standards for emergency transport suction
. 50-550 mmHg pressure range 27 l/min air flow
. Complete with 100-240 V power supply and 12V car adaptor
. Available as a battery version for ambulatory use (7314P series) or as a ‘mains-only’ operated model (7314D series)

VacuAide 7314 Portable Suction Unit – Unit with 800ml Disposable Cannister. Item Code:HCE20-AE098



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