Vitalograph BVF Bacterial Viral Filters – 50pk

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Disposable bacterial viral filters BVF are the modern,recommended replacement for cardboard mouthpieces and ensure the optimum protection of patients, practitioners and equipment during spirometry testing.
. The best protection for patients, operators and equipment
. 99.999% filtration efficiency (Influenza, TB, MRSA, etc.)
. Suitable for spirometers from Vitalograph, Micro Medical/Vyaire, MIR, etc.
. Saves time and money with no need to clean
. Best practice for your quality management system
Eco BVF Filters Recyclable bacterial viral filters 80% less energy to make 100% recyclable plastic 54% reduction in weight

Vitalograph BVF Bacterial Viral Filters – 50pk. Item Code:HCE20-HRS042

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