ZOLL AED Plus Trainer2 – AED Plus Trainer2

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The ZOLL AED Plus Trainer2 allows CPR and first aid instructors to have students experience what it’s like to save a life with the AED Plus. Choose from four different fixed rescue scenarios or have complete manual control of the entire rescue. With the wireless remote you can control multiple AED Plus Trainer2s.

With a wireless remote in hand, the instructor can control the scenarios and teach students how to execute proper CPR/AED steps. There is a “Pause,” which allows the instructor to speak between actions.

The AED Plus Trainer2 Includes Everything an Instructor Needs:
. AED Plus Trainer2 training AED
. Wireless remote controller
. One set of AED Plus Training CPR-D-padz
. One set of AED Plus Trainer CPR-D-padz reusable gels
. Four D cell batteries
. Two AA cell batteries
. Operator’s Guide

ZOLL AED Plus Trainer2 – AED Plus Trainer2. Item Code:HCE20-AE770.2