ZOLL AED Pro Defibrillator – Pedi padz II – Single (Paediatric)

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The AED Pro Defibrillator informs users how well the compressions are being performed by using an exclusive one- piece electrode that can measure the rate and depth of each compression. Ensures the most effective CPR, the AED Pro gives both audible and graphical feedback.

Designed for both basic and advanced life support. While it offers guidance to the BLS rescuer, it also provides more advanced capabilities for the professional rescuer.

. Audible Alarm to advise when to replace batteries
. Powered by 10 x 3v batteries
. Single piece electrode for accurate positioning
. The lid is designed to act as a passive airway support ensuring the airway position is maintained
. Includes: Carry case, batteries, adult electrode, face mask, gloves, razor, scissors, moist wipe & towel
. Manual Override with 3 lead cable & 1 x CPR Stat Pads

ZOLL AED Pro Defibrillator – Pedi padz II – Single (Paediatric). Item Code:HCE20-AE772.1

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