Ease II Kits – Ease II Kit

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The EASE ll portable & pipeline systems provide a compact, low resistance method of self-administering O2 /N2O.

. Free life time servicing (No servicing required for first 5yr)
. On demand Nitrous Oxide/Oxygen (Entonox) system for delivering up to 300 litres/min. Oxygen only version available
. Portable first stage regulator and cylinder version
. Low pressure pipeline version for obstetrics and general nursing applications
. Test/Purge facility on the demand valve, easy to clean and reassemble
. Hose with BS probe for connection into CD system / wall outlet
. Autoclavable, removable handle
. Conforms to BS 4272: Part 2
. Low inspiratory effort demand valve

Ease II Kits – Ease II Kit With Regulator And Bs Probe. Item Code:HCE20-AE1542



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