HEINE EN200 Diagnostic Centre

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Everything in its right place, ready to use: No more tiresome searches for instruments, or manual charging necessary.
. Exact light conditions and true colour rendering due to continuous brightness control between 100% and 3%.
. Optimised workflow and energy saving due to Ready to use function. With the HEINE EN 200 the handle switches on and off automatically when taken off or returned to the unit.
. Flat, space-saving housing without any openings (no mechanical switch) allows optimal hygienic reprocessing.
. Anti-theft mechanism, secure instrument heads.
. Connectivity Ready. The device has an USB interface in order to connect modules such as the HEINE EN 200 BP.
. Spiral cord with a length of up to 3.50 m.
. Excellent energy efficiency, with an XHL instrument
. Soft Start Technology prevents current surge in bulbs
. Simultaneous use of handles possible.

HEINE – EN200 Wall transformer without instrument heads. Item Code:HCE20-HOP1390


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